You Do the Math! Learn How to Correctly Calculate Medical Costs in Personal Injury Cases

Posted by Joseph "Joe" Amos on Jan 17, 2017 5:07:13 PM

Trucking and Transportation Personal Injury ClaimsIt’s unfortunate, but you’ve probably seen more than your fair share of accidents on the road. No matter the type of vehicle that is involved, the impact can be devastating.

Medical expenses (damages) - which includes both past and future costs - can be very difficult todetermine in these cases. And future life care plans add even more complexities to a personal injury case. Therefore, it’s extremely important for both parties that the verdict is calculated accurately. This means we need to fully understand how to calculate the medical costs involved.

Attend the Trucking and Transportation Claims Conference February 23, 2017

What you may not realize is that often a specialized investigation is called for in trucking accidents. If you’re an insurance claims representative, in the transportation industry, a lawyer, or an investigator, you need to be very familiar with all aspects of trucking / transportation claims.

Find out more about the challenges defendants face when calculating the medical costs in a personal injury case, and so much more about transportation claims, at the Trucking and Transportation Claims Conference on February 23, 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The conference reviews in depth the following topics:

  • Critical investigation “best practices” for first response teams
  • Legal-minded approach to trucking accident investigation
  • Correctly calculating medical costs in personal injury cases
  • The composition of jury pools across Florida
  • ADR and settlement strategies, and more.

The conference will start with a continental breakfast and include lunch and networking breaks.

Join me at the 2017 Florida Law Alliance Trucking and Transportation Claims Conference, on February 23, 2017, in Jacksonville, Florida from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

I’ll be there moderating a panel of experts, including Sheila Donovan (Met Life), Jeanne Thomas (PRE MED Services Group) and Byron Walden, CPA, CVA, MBA (Fishkind & Associates). We will examine the challenges defendants face when confronted with inflated and often artificial past medical bills, plus the vagaries and uncertainties of future medical and life care plan needs.

Registration is $25 per person and includes a continental breakfast, lunch and seminar materials. Click here to register here now!

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